SOFC generators

SOFC Generators For Solving Unique Power Needs

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) generators provide an efficient and durable solution for power, especially in areas that are off the grid or in harsh environments. Depending on the generator, it can be used for backup power or as an extended power source. 

As technology advances and evolves, SOFC generators are creating powerful energy solutions for infrastructures, operations, and communities. 

Here at SPS, we are leading the charge in providing remote power solutions for challenging environments including harsh operating conditions and/or remote locations. As we innovate and create solutions for unique projects, we want to share our discoveries and knowledge to help others benefit from our research.

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Power Generator in the snow on top of a mountain

Generating Power in Extreme and Remote Communities

Generating power in extreme and remote locations has unique challenges and takes careful consideration. These areas rarely are connected to a reliable grid and many traditional means of power generation can’t perform efficiently under extreme conditions and weather. But, those living and working in these locations still expect their power to be stable without the need for consistent maintenance. 

This is true regardless of whether the location is occupied by a small outpost or an entire community.

Most importantly, power generation needs to be done in an efficient and affordable manner. While this can be a challenging problem to solve, it is not impossible. And thanks to advancements in technology, it is becoming a more manageable problem to solve. 

For those communities looking to solve their power needs, we wanted to take the time to discuss the needs and solutions at your disposal.

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