Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Solutions

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells are quickly becoming the world’s most efficient clean technology. It has opened the opportunity for residents and commercial organizations to solve their long standing energy issues.

With the help of Solid oxide fuel cells, we have helped solve energy problems for off the grid communities, private companies and military logistics. Because of its unique benefits, it allows for solutions of a number of applications.

Benefits of SOFC

  • Fuel Flexible
  • Low Maintenance
  • Sustainable
  • Clean
  • Reliable
  • Quiet
  • Useable for prime and supplemental power

At SPS, we are the only company to offer SOFC on a commercial scale. We take the power of SOFC and create solutions for a number of applications. When it comes to tubular SOFC applications, we are the go-to experts.

Solutions to help you solve your energy needs

Special Power Sources has a Research & Development (R&D) Group that is dedicated to developing new programs that expand the use of our existing products or that require enhancements of existing features or functionality.

One example of a program we are currently working on is the development of a power generation system that operates on alternate fuels such as ultra-low sulfur diesel, biodiesel or military logistics fuel (JP-8).

With the flexibility offered by SOFCs, we are able to develop unique solutions for a variety of applications. From supplemental to prime power generation SOFC can provide a unique solution to your power generation needs.

Contact us to see how we can help your organization develop new products and technologies.

SOFC Generators

The Special Power Sources Remote Power Generator System provides a cost-effective solution that generates power at efficiencies dramatically higher than most other generators. Designed to operate 24 x 7, Special Power Sources power generators provide users with a low “Total Cost of Ownership” compared to most other power generation technologies.

Our remote power generator product portfolio consists of three power generator models that produce power from 150 watts up to 1500 watts and numerous on-board features, options and external accessories that provide users with enough flexibility to meet most remote power needs.

You can learn more about our SOFC generator solutions and explore specifications here.

Bulk Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Organizations that have the system but not the power source, can purchase solid oxide fuel cells to use within your existing systems. We can customize the fuel cells to work within your systems for a uniquely customized solution.

Speak with a SOFC expert to find out if this option is right for you.