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Services and Resources

Special Power Sources offers numerous technical documents to help clients understand the specification of the system, the operational characteristics of the power generators and how best to deploy the solution.

Special Power Sources Field Service Group provides extensive expertise in the commissioning, customer training and preventive maintenance of the remote power generators in a wide variety of applications and environments. Whether it’s a Special Power Sources Field Service Engineer or a factory-certified partner, we can help clients quickly get their units up and running, optimize the performance of the fuel cells, help identify operating deficiencies and quickly assist in troubleshooting field issues.

Obtain the current Operations and Maintenance Manual for your Special Power Sources Remote Power Generator.

Special Power Sources Limited Warranty provides peace-of-mind knowing that Special Power Sources stands behind our equipment and you will always get a rapid response to unforeseen equipment issues.

The Special Power Sources Limited Warranty provides customers with peace-of-mind, budget protection and responsive service.

  • Peace-of-Mind – In the unlikely event of the equipment not functioning properly you will not be burdened with an extended outage or unplanned costs associated with the repair or replacement of faulty equipment.
  • Budget Protection – Protects your investment in capital equipment within the warranty period (based on strict adherence to warranty conditions).
  • Responsive Service – In the event of a warranty situation, Special Power Sources Field Services can help troubleshoot the issue and determine the best course of action to get the equipment operational as quickly as possible.

The Limited Warranty covers the parts’ costs to repair or replace your Special Power Sources equipment following commissioning by Special Power Sources Field Services or one of our factory-certified partners.

Special Power Sources provides expert commissioning services for our remote power generation systems. This ensures that your power generator system is set-up and operating to specifications. Special Power Sources provides email and phone support during standard business hours (and upon request off-hours) to address any questions about the system and to assist in troubleshooting performance issues.

Special Power Sources Field Service Group provides expert commissioning, preventive maintenance and general support services for all Special Power Sources equipment. This ensures the remote power generator system is operating to spec and optimized to the application. Commissioning services must be performed by Special Power Sources Field Service Engineers or factory-certified partners in order for the warranty to be valid.

Commissioning services may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Installation of the replaceable bundles; connecting of all wiring.
  • Verification of the proper installation and control settings.
  • Initial start-up and operation of the power generator.
  • Verification of the data.
  • Record the installation parameters and equipment setup.
  • Confirm all terms and conditions of the warranty have been met before validating the warranty.

Special Power Sources Field Service Engineers are available via email or phone during normal business hours (or upon request off-hours) to provide customer assistance. Our expert Engineers can help customers better understand how to operate and manage the power generator system.

If operational issues arise Special Power Sources Field Service Engineers can help troubleshoot the problem and where possible, walk the customer through the corrective action.  We can provide phone support and access the power generator remotely (where possible) to help identify potential issues and recommend corrective actions.

To properly maintain the power generator, Special Power Sources offers optional Preventive Maintenance (PM) service. Factory-certified technicians will inspect the power generator system to verify the unit remains properly set-up and operating. They will also identify any maintenance actions that would optimize the operation of the system.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) services can be scheduled to verify and ensure the proper operation of your Special Power Sources Remote Power Generator equipment. PM is recommended to maximize equipment uptime by identifying and correcting potential problems before they happen.

Preventive Maintenance services may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Check the current state and operation of the remote power generator and assess the overall health of the unit.
  • Inspect the filters for possible clogging.
  • Log the operational characteristics of the system for predictive maintenance.
  • Retrieve and store log / alarm data.
  • Upgrade any firmware where required.
  • Perform any Engineering Change Orders (ECO) on equipment where required.
  • Check the system components for unusual wear or damage.

Special Power Sources Field Service Engineers are available via email or phone during normal business hours (or upon request off-hours) to provide customer assistance. Our expert technicians can help customers better understand how to operate and manage the remote power generator system.

Some clients may want to have their own personnel perform the commissioning and preventive maintenance of the Special Power Sources Power Generator System. Special Power Sources offers a 2-day training course at our factory where clients get hands-on experience and certification to perform all of the required service in the field.

Customers may choose to have their internal people trained on the Special Power Sources Remote Power Generator system. This will allow more control over the repair, maintenance, troubleshooting and adjustment of the system as well as better manage the annual service cost. Special Power Sources offers a 2-day training session at our factory conducted by Special Power Sources Field Service Engineers.

Training consists of:

  • Classroom instruction and operational theory.
  • Review of the system components and operation on fully functional units.
  • Hands-on simulations of potential issues and repair measures.
  • Troubleshooting tips.
  • Review of the repair manuals and technical guides.

After this training, customers should be able to address about 85% to 90% of the repairs, maintenance and system adjustments typically encountered in the field.

Advanced TechWorks (ATW) is a strategic partner that is co-located with SPS in Alliance OH. ATW provides manufacturing operations and field service support to all our products. This includes spares and on call field support services to all delivered units, inclusive of the Atrex Energy systems. In addition, ATW has created an interactive remote monitoring capability that can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

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