Alliance OH, (Jun 19, 2020) – Special Power Sources announces that it has been selected for a DOE funding award for its proposal “Next Generation Durable, Cost Effective, Energy Efficient Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell.” SPS has partnered with the University of South Carolina (USC) and West Virginia University (WVU) on this 15-month award. DoE Federal Opportunity Awards (FOA) awards are highly competitive research-based programs that provide U.S. small businesses the opportunity to engage in cutting edge research, development, and commercialization.  This FOA program emphasizes important technological challenges, the demonstration of the feasibility of the proposed technology, and allows small businesses to propose new innovative solutions to address them.

“SPS is grateful for this opportunity with the DOE, our partners, USC and WVU to bring innovative and advanced fuel cell-based energy solution to the markets. Our scalable solution will increase Energy Efficiency, increase reliability, minimize downtime – ensuring Resiliency, while providing new configurations and products to our commercial partners in the power ranges greater than 2.5kW.  This contract was novated from Atrex Energy to SPS in June 2020 and we appreciate the hard work of DOE NETL leadership in making this award happen”- Roland Dixon, President/CEO

Special Power Sources (SPS), LLC has acquired the assets and IP of Atrex Energy who has been deploying Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) power generators in commercial applications for over 8 years. The commercial products, in the 250W to 1500W ranges, have shown tremendous reliability and longevity in remote, off-grid applications even when deployed in “the middle of nowhere”. Special Power Sources is a renewable energy technology company developing, manufacturing, and servicing for our 650+ units delivered to USA, Canada and Mexico for Gas & Oil, Telecommunications & Mining Industries.Contact: Roland Dixon,, 978.808.0825